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As both a Muslim and a scientist I am going to prove that Islam and science are not only compatible but inseparable.’ – A statement by Dr. Mehdi Hazari inviting us on a beautiful thought provoking journey where we are enlightened on how science is a tool which we can use to reach god.

He starts first at our own creation in the womb talking about the significance of the tiny details that we are made up of. How it is not just one organ or a single part of the body that reflects the magnificence of Allah’s creation, but the intricacy of each cell and its purpose that plays a role in a bigger purpose and thus continues to form this incredible interaction of all the elements of the body to produce the human being.

We are taught step by step the formation of a baby in the womb with each stage being explained and matched to an ayat of the holy Qur’an where the creator himself had already laid out the process.


The Dr makes comparisons to that of a famous scientist who explains that life, the very chemical reactions and DNA that allows the cell to come about are all the same whether in a human or a plant. He says all creation is linked by heritage and that ‘he is similar to an oak tree as they share the same ancestors.’  Hazari explains how as a believer we take this further as we know it is not as simple as that but that our similarities are far greater as we all share the same creator. He then refers to Imam Ali who goes on to beautifully explain this is Nahjul Balagha. ‘He who is the originator of the ant is the same as he who is the originator of the palm tree because everything has the same delicacy and detail and every living being has little difference.

What science sees as a physical phenomenon, Islam and the holy guides point towards the creative force of god as the unifying factor.


We then travel to the skies to contemplate the beginning of the universe and how it came to be. Where most scientists are adamant on their belief of the big bang theory, yet are diffident when asked for an explanation of how and why, Islam and the Qur’an provides us with such answers.

He speaks of how just looking at the sky is enough to drown in a pool of awe of Allah’s beauty and design. Whilst viewing this stunning imagery we are taught how Imam Ali describes the creation of these skies and the earth.

The documentary concludes then with the realisation and importance of our purpose on this earth and our duty towards it. That Allah created balance and how, what may seem to be an insignificant man made change, can have great consequences that disrupt this order. We have a responsibility to look after that which we have been gifted.