Roku | Ahlulbayt TV

What is Roku?

Now, millions of people use Roku to choose what they want to watch instantly. Whether you're exploring over 600 channels of movies and shows, delving into what really interests you, or just stumbling across something new, Roku makes it happen easily, instantly and affordably. Movie night-or any night-will never be the same.

No PC needed

Just connect Roku to your TV and wireless (Wi-Fi) network at home, and you're up and streaming in minutes.

Press play

With Roku's simple remote, just choose what you want to watch and it starts instantly. It's even more convenient than watching a DVD.

No extra monthly payments

Access your existing subscriptions, such as Netflix, NOW TV, or Spotify. Enjoy free films and programmes, or browse the latest blockbusters available on demand.

More channels, more choice

Roku brings you endless entertainment choices, and we're adding more all the time. So you'll always find something new to watch, hear, play and enjoy.

How do I add Ahlulbayt TV?

There are two ways you can add our channel to your Roku box:

  1. If you are outside Canada or America, you can browse the freeview channels and find us under the Religion genre.
  2. Alternatively you can login to your Roku account and add via this link: